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App Reviews

I wrote app reviews for Beautiful Pixels - a website about apps, websites and other digital user interfaces that showcase good design. This project presents some of my favorite articles published on the site.


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My Role

I wrote several app reviews and Platter posts at Beautiful Pixels. These user interfaces are handpicked by the editors and have been chosen because they exhibit high quality and beautiful design. Below are some articles where I've exhibited my keen eye for detail. My work on these articles includes the writing and the creation of the header images on the page.


This app displays some great UI design, especially in the Now Playing screen. You can find my article here.


This is a wonderful game with some delightful animations. There's more about Poptile in my article on Beautiful Pixels.


Another great app for creating digital artwork on iOS. My article about Atelier can be found here.


This app has some amazing animations. I've written more about these animations in my article on Beautiful Pixels.


This is one of those apps that I felt was way ahead of its time. My article about FIFA can be found here.


Note: All images on this page, although created by me were made for consumption on Beautiful Pixels and belong to iXyr Media.