Easily Save and Access Important Conversations

Recall is a mobile app that saves snippets from important conversations and makes them easily accessible. We applied the user centred design process to develop our designs in 9 hours.

Recall Masthead

The Problem

During our discussion, we each came up with different problems that we faced as working professionals and noted them down. On further discussion, we came to a consensus and decided to work on a particular problem that working professionals face in recollecting important details from everyday conversations such as meeting times, meeting locations, dates, email ids, etc. These conversations are not saved, and as humans, we tend to forget important details unless we note it down immediately.

Day long hackathon project in a team of 5

Research, Sketching, Wireframes, Visual Design, Prototype & Animation

I took lead in the search screen visuals, smartwatch prototype and interaction flow. I contributed toward research, initial sketches, wireframes and prototypes


During the hackathon, we set out to explore this problem further as we interviewed people and asked them what kind of problems they face while recollecting important details from phone calls and in-person conversations. We also asked them how they recall conversations and specifics on what they discussed.

We mapped out the major points from these interviews using an "Affinity Diagram" and created clusters for different types of important details from these conversations. We also mapped out the different ways people recall these conversations such as - “who the other person is”, “when and where the conversation took place”, as well as other important events that may have happened on the same day or at the same place.


Early Medium Fidelity Designs

Next, we moved on to different solutions for this problem. We came up with some simple as well as some wild solutions. We finally narrowed our focus to how this problem can be solved with regard to phone conversations.

Since these conversations took place over the phone, it made sense to create an app that would work on mobile. Recall, the app we prototyped, automatically transcribes phone calls and saves important snippets of these conversations. These snippets can then be easily searched and saved as notes.

Final Design

With our problem and goals in mind, we quickly sketched the wireframes for our app. Some of the key features of the app include:

  1. A timeline of snippets from recent conversations
  2. The ability to search for specific conversations by their participants, date, time, and location.
  3. Filtering snippets by recognised keywords: Date, time , location, email addresses, urls, money, and phone numbers.
  4. A manual record mode for in-person conversations

The screens were designed in Sketch using Google’s Material Design guidelines. We then created an animated walkthrough of the interface in Keynote for the 90 second presentation.

Smartphone Interaction Flow 

We created a quick walkthrough of the app using Keynote to display during our pitch to the audience. 


Smartwatch Interaction Flow

We also created a walkthrough and screen flow for a watch app. The Android Wear screens below show the flow for one contextual scenario - adding a recent conversation to your favourites.